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Rebranding Hyundai 

For years, yes, Hyundai had been known as a car brand that produced
vehicles of low quality. But the brand has come a long way since those early days,
engineering a lineup of exceptional vehicles for some time now.

To emphasize this strong next chapter, we rebranded Hyundai
with the H-Factor: a new, nationwide positioning that elevates the
brand with a modern, premium creative expression.

Recognized by Applied Arts. 

H-Factor Launch Spot:

The Mission Statement:

We followed up our "H-Factor" spot with one that
emphasizes the Sonata's safety technology.

Then brought the H-Factor to life in a third spot about breaking away
from the everyday mundane in the Tucson.

As the H-Factor became well-known in market, we evolved it
by including more humanity.

Initially launched through TV, I'm proud to say the H-Factor was part of
Hyundai branding for years in Canada, and helped grow it from
underdog to one of the top considerations for customers within the country.

Also responsible for the retail rebrand.
The H-Factor inspired the retail platform featuring the German, Japanese and American execs
going to great lengths to find out how Hyundai does it.
Answer? The mysterious H-Factor, which spawned a wealth
of fun and effective spots. Such as this one we did:

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