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Hot on the heels of agency, The BrainStorm Group, changing its name
to Bob's Your Uncle, our organic, holiday self-promo was intended to give
clients the chance to add a piece of coal to the naughty mayor's stocking,
while at the same time help kids in need have a nice Christmas.
Within hours of launching the site however, it attracted the public, and by campaign's end,
it also won new business.
In addition to clients getting a kick out of it.

Recognized by Ad Age, Creativity Editor’s Pick, Marketing, among others. 


- Within an hour of launching the site, 50,000 pieces of coal were added.
- By the end of the first day, over 100,000.
- By the fourth day, the coal counter broke a million.
- By the end of the campaign, it had over 1.2 million lumps of coal.
- This was all achieved organically.

New Business:
During the campaign, I reached out to Iceberg Vodka's marketing manager on
LinkedIn with a simple invite to join my network.
The brand had recently been negatively associated with the mayor for being his drink of choice,
so I thought that was enough to start a conversation. My invite included the site robfordcoal.com
and our interest in working with them. This led to us winning their business.

The e-card we sent to our clients the day of the launch.

The voice of the people.